Keypads and Wall Buttons

Wholesale Door Parts offers a variety of different keypads and wall buttons, also known as wall consoles, from leading manufacturers. Based on quality and performance, we carry the brands: LiftMaster, Chamberlin, Craftsman, Access Master, Genie, Marantec, and Linear.

Keypads are located on the outside of the garage door and allow you to enter the garage by using only a four-digit code. With a backlit keypad, they are visible at night and during the day. The wireless keypads are powered by battery and come with a protective cover to keep out the elements of the weather. The universal keypads are compatible with a variety of different opener motors.

By sending an encoded signal to the motor from the keypad keeps your garage door secure. Each time the four-digit code is entered, the keypad sends a rolling code, to prevent hackers from learning your personal Identification code. When installing this keypad, Wholesale Door Parts recommend you mount the keypad five-foot-high from the ground to insure it is out of a child’s reach. Always be sure to keep the garage door in site when the door is opening and closing until the door completely stops moving.

Most wall buttons come with three functions that allow you to lock the garage door, turn on/off the light and operate the door. The first button eliminates need for an extra lock by turning off remote access to the door. The second button allows you to open and close the garage door and the third button controls the lights on the opener motor. More advanced wall buttons are available depending on the type of opener motor you have. The more advanced wall buttons offer backlit keypads, timers, easy programming through the console. Remember when choosing a new wall button or wall console, be sure it is compatible with the opener motor you currently have. If you are unsure, please contact Wholesale Door Parts and let the professionals assist you.