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Remote Controls

If you are in need of replacing your remote controls, Wholesale Door Parts has you covered. Our selection of remotes controls were chosen by quality and performance. Order your remote for the convivence of opening and closing your garage door from your car.

Wholesale Door Parts offer a variety of reliable hand-held garage door remotes from leading global manufactures. Shop our selection ranging from LiftMaster, Chamberlin, Craftsman, Access Master, Genie, MaranTec, Linear and universal remotes. These options listed vary based on the overhead door motor that you have. Wholesale Door Parts offer one, two, and three button remotes that control multiple doors, which eliminate the need for multiple garage door remotes.

Garage door remotes work by sending a specific signal that is picked up by the receiver. The receiver is located inside the entire garage door opener motor. This same principal is used for all remotes and motors. However, the difference between each remote and motor combination is the code specifically programmed and the frequency used. Now almost all of the motors use what is called rolling codes. A rolling code is a transmission code the will change each time the button on the remote is pressed.

We also offer remotes equipped with Security +2.0 technology. The Security + 2.0 technology sends a new code to the motor each time the button is pressed and virtually eliminates interference, and only allows the remote to open the overhead door motor it is programmed to.

When making a choice on replacing or upgrading your remote, here are a few things to remember. Extra garage door remotes can come in handy but knowing which remote to buy can get a little confusing. Universal remotes may be the easiest way to go, however, they will not work on some older motors manufactured before 1993. You may decide to stick with a remote specifically made for the opener you have. Each company makes a replacement remote for that brand of motor manufactured after 1999, by matching the model numbers you can purchase and exact replacement remote for that motor.

Like other home appliances, your garage door remotes need routine support. If you notice any changes in functionality, your garage door remote may need to be replaced. Before you decide you need a replacement remote control be sure to check the batteries in the remote and try reprogramming the remote control if it is not working. If you are unable to get the garage door open by using the remotes or the wall button, simply pull the emergency release (rope hanging from the motor) and try lifting the door manually. If both options fail, let the professionals at Wholesale Door Parts help you with your selection. If this does not work call a certified garage door technician to help diagnose your garage door problems.