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Safety Eyes and Circuit Boards | Wholesale Door Parts

Safety Eyes and Circuit Boards

Circuit Boards:

Circuit boards are a main component if you have a garage door opener motor, without the circuit board the opener motor will not work correctly.

Wholesale Door Parts carry a variety of circuit boards. Our circuit boards are compatible with LiftMaster, Genie, Stanley, AccessMaster, MaranTech, Chamberlin and Linear.

When the circuit board faults the garage door opener motor will not work correctly, the opener motor will intermittently work or completely stop working.

When shopping for a replacement circuit board for your automatic garage door opener motor you will need to know the model number of the opener motor. In most cases if you remove the light cover on the opener motor, you will find the model number. If you are having trouble deciding what type of circuit board you may need, contact Wholesale Door Parts an let the professionals assist you.

Safety Eyes:

Also known as Safety Reversing Sensor, or photo eyes, the sensors are compatible with various doors made after 1999. Safety eyes are required to be aligned and connected for the door to work properly, if not aligned or connected correctly the door will not go down.

The safety eyes or photo eyes are located on each side of the garage door toward the bottom of the door and are mounted to the track about 6inches from the ground. The sensors direct a beam from one eye to the other and if that beam is broken or interrupted while the garage door is closing, then the door will stop and go back to the open position. Safety eyes are a safety mechanism to keep the garage door from closing on an object or person which could result in serious injury.

In case of an emergency and you need the door to go down, simply hold down the button on the wall console, located inside the garage to close the door until it is all the way to the ground. This will override the safety eyes and allow you to close the door. Please note this is not a fix to the issue and could result in injury if an individual or anything is in the path of the door closing. The other option is, to disengage the opener motor from the garage door by pulling the release (rope usually hanging from the opener) and this will allow you to manually open and close the garage door until you or a certified professional can resolve this issue.